5 steps left to incorporate DIKIDI into your work

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There are only 5 steps left to incorporate DIKIDI into your work. It will take less than 10 minutes.

  • Fill in the Profile
  • Add Staff (if you are not working alone)
  • Add Services
  • Configure Work Schedule
  • Add customer appointments

1. Fill in the information about yourself / your company in the Profile section.

Fill in the address, telephone number for communication, working hours and directions of activity


2. Add employees (if there are several) in the Staff section.

In the setting of each employee, you can fill in his position, description, photos of work, etc.



3. Add services in the Services section.

To do this, in the Services section, click on + (add services). Indicate the category of the service (add a new one if necessary), cost, duration and performers

-! - Do not try to fill in the entire list of services at once. Add the most basic ones first.



4. Set up the Schedule.

Work schedule - setting up working hours. From what time to what time you or your employees will accept clients. Select the days and set the working hours in them.


5. Add customer appointments in the Appointments / Time-table section


All is ready! You can now enable your Online Booking (in the Online Booking section). Set up employee salary schemes. Activate the Bonus program and much more.

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