How Does the DIKIDI Platform Work?

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What is DIKIDI?

DIKIDI is a cloud platform that allows customers to book services online and business owners (in the beauty, medical, sports, and other service industries) to manage bookings and automate work processes.

Today, over 60,000 companies and freelancers use DIKIDI to increase sales, interact with customers, and efficiently manage and analyze their activities. 2.5 million customers use The DIKIDI Online catalog.

Why is the DIKIDI service so popular?

The free Basic plan is available without restrictions and allows you to:

  • keep a record of appointments and customer information;
  • enable 7 online booking methods;
  • set up notifications;
  • enable electronic tips;
  • attract customers in the catalog of your city and much more.

DIKIDI also has advanced paid functionality that includes:

  • sales and financial analytics;
  • inventory management;
  • salary calculation;
  • customer return analytics;
  • gift cards;
  • loyalty programs (reward points and cashback);
  • promotion in the DIKIDI Online catalog.

DIKIDI Business allows you to work on a computer (web version) and in a mobile app.

For your customers, there is a free mobile app called DIKIDI Online. We can also develop your app in the style of your brand.

With DIKIDI, you will get opportunities to grow your business, and we will share our experience with you.

We wish you success!

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Start setting up right now:

5 steps to incorporate DIKIDI Business into your work

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