Time for Beauty: Spring Mass Messaging Ideas

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Spring is a time of transformation and increased client activity 🌺

To enhance your effectiveness in working with clients, use the mass messaging feature in DIKIDI.

In the DIKIDI system, it's easy to select filters for different audiences based on the goal of your message and the text.

What kind of messages can you send?

1. For regular clients

    • Personal offer

    "We appreciate you and want to thank you 🥰 Get a 20% discount on the 'Brows+Lashes' combo when booking for next month! 💥 Book here: [link]"

    • Notification of new product or service

    "The trendy colors for the upcoming summer are already here! 💅 We've brought in a new collection of nail polishes from the brand [brand name] 🧡 Book online: [link]"

    • Invitation to an event

    "Join us for our VIP event on [date] ⚡️ Enjoy free consultations with experts, refreshments, and exclusive gifts. Register here: [link]"

    2. For bringing back lost clients

    • Personal offer

    "Exclusive 15% CASHBACK for booking any services 🚀 Valid until May 31 😍 Book at any convenient time: [link]"

    • Birthday wishes

    "Your Birthday is a special day 🌺 We want to congratulate you and give you 500 REWARD POINTS 💸 Valid for 7 days before and after your birthday 👉 Book now [link]"

    3. For internal business needs

      "We would appreciate it if you shared your experience of visiting our beauty salon. Please take part in a short survey 📱 [link]. We strive to constantly improve the quality of our service and offerings 📈"

      Don't forget to add a greeting at the beginning of your message.

      Channels for sending mass messages in DIKIDI:

      – WhatsApp

      – Push notifications in the Branded App

      – Push notifications in the DIKIDI Online app

        Sending Push notifications is free. The only condition is that your clients must have installed your Branded App or the DIKIDI Online app.

        Things to consider when creating messages: 

        Take into account the speed and timing of sending messages in WhatsApp to send your message on time. 

        To avoid blocking of your message by WhatsApp, we recommend selecting the minimum sending speed and the "Safe Sending" mode.

        ❗️ Guide: How to Set Up Mass Messaging Correctly

        To create a message, go to 👉 Management - Mass Messaging (mobile app) or Clients - Mass Messaging (web version).

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