How Does Automatic Salary Calculation Help Retain Employees?

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The main recipe for retaining employees is comfortable working conditions and clear development prospects. But how does automatic salary calculation help establish relationships with employees and reduce tension during payroll processing?

In DIKIDI Business, the Salary section is available in the web version. Here, you can set up salary calculation schemes, view all calculations, and record the fact of salary issuance.

Here's how salary calculation in DIKIDI Business helps retain employees:

1. Transparent calculations

In the Payroll Calculation tab, you can select an employee and review with them all the services provided and their earnings.

2. Accurate data

Automation minimizes possible errors in salary calculations - data on hours worked and services provided are already in the program and automatically taken into account in employees' salaries.

3. Employee motivation

Different salary calculation schemes are aimed at different employee motivations - for example, if it influences sales, you can set them a percentage of sales.

Moreover, in the program, you can set rewards for repeat visits - as they directly depend on the quality of the master's work. You can choose from which visit and what percentage will be added to the employee's salary.

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4. Speed and timeliness of payments

With automation, employees can be sure that their salary will be paid on time and without errors. And this increases trust in you as an employer.

5. Less administrative work

Automatic salary calculation saves time and effort spent on manual salary calculation. Better free up time for other personnel management tasks, such as training and development of employees.

Save your time and nerves - along with automatic salary calculation in DIKIDI Business.

Connect within the LITE, PRO, or VIP tariffs and enjoy the benefits of automatic salary calculation.

Currently, the Salary functionality is only available in the web version of DIKIDI Business, but soon it will also be available in mobile applications.

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