How Gift Cards Benefit Businesses

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If you are still unsure whether to "sell gift cards or not," we suggest you analyze it together.

What benefits do you get?

  • You get money in advance

According to statistics, 15-20% of gift cards remain unused, saving you time and providing additional resources that you can redirect to business development.

  • Your profit grows

Gift cards are the most desired gift during holidays. "Demand in December can increase by 200%, and in February and March - up to 80%," says PURE studio founder Elena.

For example, offer your customers to purchase a discounted gift card for International Women's Day. You can add a discount to the gift cards in the DIKIDI system and make them a profitable offer, in return - attract new customers.

About 70% of customers spend more on services than the nominal amount, so gift cards will increase your average check.

  • Your investments are minimal

By choosing electronic gift cards instead of paper ones, you save money on logistics and production, and their processing does not take up the administrator's time.

  • You attract new customers

If a person purchases your certificate as a gift, it means they are ready to recommend you to their loved ones. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your customer base through word of mouth.

  • You increase your competitiveness

By adding your gift cards, you become accessible and attractive to a wide range of online buyers.

Through the DIKIDI service, a client can get a gift card in a couple of minutes - at any convenient time, independently choose the suitable period, nominal value, and so on.

  • You promote your brand and increase customer loyalty

Gift card design is a simple and fast way to stand out and be remembered by customers.

Hold a giveaway, tell what services can be used for the nominal amount. Many people tend to decide in advance what they want to purchase, so you will be included in the "wishlist."

Thus, the potential of digital gift cards is enormous, and the accompanying benefits and advantages far outweigh the risks and costs.

How to start working with gift cards?

The DIKIDI service will provide you with ready-to-use and understandable functionality for working with electronic certificates: automated accounting, the ability to add your design, individual settings for different types of cards, and archive storage.

Then it's very simple:

- Connect the PRO Plan in the DIKIDI Business service and get access to the Gift Cards functionality;

- Read the instructions for working with the functionality;

- Add gift cards and select the necessary settings;

- Tell your customers about the gift cards - personally and on social networks;

- Attach links for online purchases;

and start making a profit! 💸

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