Stop Customer Attrition with Loyalty Programs in DIKIDI

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Want your customers to not just visit once but become regulars? Then create a loyalty program.

A loyalty program:

  • Helps retain and attract new customers
  • Encourages customers to spend more and make more purchases
  • Increases revenue
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens their bond with your company
  • Rewards regular customers for their loyalty and frequent visits

Here are a few examples of how a loyalty program can be used:

10% Cashback in Bonus Points for All Customers

In a beauty salon that faced customer turnover, they introduced a loyalty program: providing all customers with a 10% return on their spendings. Customers can use this return to pay for up to 100% of the salon's services, motivating them to accumulate cashback and earn a free tenth service.

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Accumulative Loyalty System

Another approach is utilized in a barbershop - they have an accumulative loyalty system. The more a customer spends, the more cashback they receive: starting from 20 $ - 5%, 60 $ - 10%, and 100 $ - 15%. Bonus points expire each month, so customers need to regularly use the services to benefit from them.

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Birthday Rewards + Messaging

In the tanning studio, they offer birthday rewards to clients as a way to prepare for the celebration. Additionally, at the beginning of each month, they send out a WhatsApp message inviting clients whose birthdays fall within that month for special services. This helps them consistently fill up their schedule and bring back most of their clients.

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Burnable Reward Points to Bring Customers Back More Often

Private nail technician Alexis also provides reward points to her clients - 15% of the service cost. She's set the expiry date of these bonuses to 3 weeks to motivate clients to schedule more frequent appointments.

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In DIKIDI, you can set up a loyalty program that fits your services and establish:

  • the number of reward points to accrue
  • what percentage of the service cost can be paid with points
  • the expiration date for reward points

The loyalty program feature is available within the Standard and Full plans. Enable in the Control section - Loyalty Programs/Rewards or Settings - Plans.

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