How to retain your clients?

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Sometimes customers are not coming back again after‍ one appointment. What can you do to prevent it?

There are some tools you can use to increase customer retention. 😎

The main idea is to create a strong connection between customers and your company.
Consider the possibilities of DIKIDI that will help you with this

➕ Always ask for a feedback - you can write or call the clients after the appointment or set up an automatic review request. It'll help you to evaluate the quality of service and eliminate any problems. The clients will appreciate the care and will know that their opinions matter.

➕ Use a loyalty program. One of the most effective is cashback system when customers get rewards for spending the money for your services. It will motivate the clients to return and spend their rewards on the next appointment.

➕ Create your own branded mobile app in DIKIDI, in which the clients will always see special offers of your company, their rewards account and will be able to book an appointment right there.

➕If you're afraid that your employees can steal your customers, hide customer contact numbers and restrict access to the database by setting access rights.

Don't forget that you can always track retention rate in the DIKIDI app in Customers section.

Show clients your love and care with the help of DIKIDI and they will come back for your services!

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