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Retention of clients is used to control and analyze staff performance, ad productivity, and assess customer loyalty

Return rate shown the number of clients, those who have visited you during the selected period and returning from them during the reporting period.

Section Retention place in mobile application Dikidi Business на iOS и Android and also on website in section Clients


To view Return rate, select Visit period and the return period. In the opened report you will see the number of customers who visited you, the number of new customers, and the number of customers who returned from the previous period.



You can click on each staff's row to view information.



You can use the filters above the stats to get more accurate information in the web version of the service.


Column "Customers during the visit period" shows the total number and number of new customers who have visited you in a certain period of time.

In columns New and Total returned shown amount and % of returned clients of the total number of clients, those who have visited you during the visit period.

In column Lost you can see amount of lost - it reflects the number of lost customers of the total, as well as the number of new customers from them.

Click on this collumn to open the list of lost customers in the return period. These clients are worth working with to keep them.




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