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Retention of customers is used to monitor and analyze employee performance, the productivity of advertising companies, as well as to evaluate the loyalty of your customers.

A retention report shows the number of customers who visited you during a certain period and returned.

The "Retention" section is located in the Dikidi Business mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as in the web version of the service on the website in the section "Customers".

In order to see the return rates, specify the visit period and the customer's return period. In the report that opens, you will see the number of customers who visited, the number of new ones, as well as the number of returned customers from the previous period.

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To view information on each of the employees, you can click on its line.

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The column "Customers during the visit period" shows the total number and number of new customers who visited the salon for a certain period of time.

"The New and Total Returned" columns show the number and % of returned customers out of the total number of customers who visited you during the visit period.

The column "Lost" reflects the number of lost customers in total, as well as the number of new customers. Click on this indicator to reveal the list of lost customers in the reporting period. It's worth working with these clients to keep them.

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To get more accurate information in the web version of the service, you can use the filters that are located above the indicators.

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The "Retention" functionality is available both in all paid plans and is available for purchase as a separate module.

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