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In the web version of DIKIDI Business, in the Customers section - Fines, all recorded violations of the rules for booking services are stored.

To see information in the Fines section, you first need to configure booking conditions (prepayment, penalties for no-shows, cancellation/rescheduling of appointments). To do this, go to the Settings section - Booking Settings.

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After an event occures that violates the established parameters, the corresponding record will appear in the Fines section.

To apply the accrued fine, an employee (with a creator or administrator access) must manually perform one of the following actions:

Cancel, i.e., forgive the fine

Apply, i.e., enforce the fine

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You can deduct the fine from the prepayment, client bonuses, or funds from the client's account. If you don’t set up prepayment, you can’t deduct the fine from it.

Please note that these actions cannot be undone.

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