Installing the DIKIDI Online Booking Widget on Tilda

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In this article, we will look at how the integration of DIKIDI and Tilda can be created.

View a simple step-by-step guide on how to add the DIKIDI Online booking widget to your Tilda website:

1. Go to the admin area of your site on Tilda. In editor mode, add a new block. To do this, open "All blocks" -" Other" - "HTML".

2. Hover your mouse over the block that appears. Click on the red "Content" button.
You will see a window with a field for entering the program code. Now we will go for it and add it to this field.
3. Go to your DIKIDI Business project in DIKIDI, "Settings" - "Online booking" - Your website.
Click on the button "Create an Online booking button".

4. Select the button type according to how it will work. Then click "Generate Code". 

5. Copy the first code and add it to our field in Tilda from step 2. Then click "Save and Close".

6. The Booking button. To make it always visible, we recommend adding it as a menu item. Hover over the menu, then click "Content". Next, click on the List of menu items, and then on "Add menu item".

Name the button "Book" or "Online".

7. Add a link from the generated code to DIKIDI. Please note that you do not need to copy the entire code, but only the link.

8. Save and close. And don't forget to post. Check how it works in the published version. It should be like this: the widget opens on your site. In the background is your website.

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