Kinds of Online Bookings

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Our Service helps to open Online Booking at any site on the internet: catalogs, online-maps, social networking services, messengers, own website or in your own branding mobile app.

How look every kind: 

Mobile application DIKIDI Online 

Clients can make appointments in mobile app DIKIDI Online, which is free in App Store and Google Play for mobile phones and tablets.


Website DIKIDI Online

You have free profile on the website Online booking is available on this page.

Direct link

Your own direct link to the online booking, that can be placed anywhere. This link can be posted in social networking services (, Instagram, Facebook etc.)  or messengers, can be sent in PM and can be placed in profile information. 


Your own brand mobile app.

You can order to develop your personal mobile app on iOS or Android system for your business with your logo and color scheme.

Your website

Online Booking form can be placed on any website. Just add the button "Online Booking".

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