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Dear friends, we've updated the online-booking form with a direct link and added new opportunities for you and your clients:


- Setting up online-booking design

The color of buttons, links, icons. Ability to upload a Background image and change the names of the sections. You can make changes from your PC on the website in the Online-booking section.


The home page of the online-booking with the design selected above. You can copy the link to your online-booking in the section Online-booking – Direct link.


- Clients can view Upcoming Visits and Archived appointments

- Ability to Reschedule, Repeat or Cancel an appointment


- Ability to give a feedback and see other clients’ reviews

All of the clients’ reviews you can see in the Reviews section of your project and respond to them



- Viewing the Client's Bonuses and Balance

Bonuses - cashback in the form of points, which can be used to pay for visits.

Balance - money that the client has on the virtual account (didn't take change, paid for a subscription, etc.)


-Viewing examples of staffs' works

To do this, the client should select the section Specialists (or the other name you choose) and click on the letter i

- Client Authorization

After authorization, the client won’t need to enter his number and name each time


Enjoy working with the new online-booking form! If you have any questions, feel free to chat with your project's Support service.

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