Online Booking rules

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Important Information

Online Booking helps clients to make an appointment to favorite Staff themselves. Important! Clients see all free time in the schedule for booking, so you should have an up-to-date schedule and time-table. All Appointments, including bookings from social networks and calls, must be registered in the "Time-table" section. Otherwise, may occur double booking. This undermines client's trust in Online Booking.

Usage rules for Online Booking

To use Online Booking, you should agree with next usage rules:

  1. Add all Appointments in the "time-table" section.
  2. Up-to-date Schedule
  3. Provide services to clients, which made an online appointment at the selected date and time. 

Liability for violation of rules

In case of violation of rules Online Booking will be blocked. You may turn on Online Booking again after fixing all violations. 

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