Online Booking Rules

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Online booking is an opportunity for customers to independently choose a service, a specialist, visit time and make an appointment via the Internet without additional confirmation. In this case,  an appointment automatically appears in your electronic journal.

DIKIDI is an automation system for business.
And this is a single service for you and your customers, establishing fast communication through a website, mobile apps, social media booking buttons, links, marks on maps.

Therefore, we take responsibility for the information accuracy in the DIKIDI system and guarantee that:
— booking stated time of a specialist is relevant;
— a customer will be served if he made an online appointment.

How to comply with the Online booking terms?

— keep a work schedule of specialists up-to -date (fill in a new schedule at the end of the current one);
— ALL appointments should be entered into the system (including those received by phone, via social networks, etc.);
— to serve a customer by online appointment at the date and time chosen by him;
— the status of your services in DIKIDI should be "Available Online".

If some of these terms are not met, the online booking service may be blocked. This will happen if you:

— did not extend your schedule for the next period;
— have not booked customers for more than 7 days;
— a complaint was received from a customer that he was not accepted by appointment.

This is the only way we can keep information actual in the DIKIDI system - for your customers. After all, more than 150,000 appointments are processed daily through our service.

After eliminating the reasons for blocking, you can create a new application for connecting the Online booking for free
and use it indefinitely, subject to the terms.

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