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We have added the next opportunities for you and your customers to the Online booking form via direct link:


Online booking design setup

You can change the color of buttons, links, and icons. In addition, upload a background image and change section titles. To do this, go to the Online Booking section.


Go to SettingsOnline Booking — Design.

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Mobile app: 

Open More Online booking Online booking design.

Image 4337

Image 4338

Online booking home page with the design selected above. You can copy the direct link to your Online booking in the Online Booking – Direct link section.

Image 4339

Customers can view upcoming visits and archived appointments

 Ability to reschedule, repeat, or cancel an appointment

Image 4340

Ability to give  feedback and see other customers’ reviews

All of the customer reviews you can see in the Reviews section of your project and respond to them.

Image 4341


Viewing customer's Bonuses and Balance

Bonuses — cashback in the form of points, which can be used to pay for visits.

Balance — money that a customer has on his virtual account (didn't take charge, paid for the subscription, etc.)

Image 4342

 Viewing examples of employees' work

To do this, a customer should select the section Specialists (or the other section name you choose) and click on the I letter.

Image 4343

 Customer Authorization

After authorization, a customer won’t need to enter his number and name each time.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with our Support service.

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