6 Key Factors for Development of Your Business

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Like in any business, Margo has faced ups and downs in the development of her Kult Nails studio. Here are 6 key factors that helped her overcome crises and confidently grow her beauty studio and manicure school.

1. Start with Transitioning to an Electronic System

    "First of all, converting your data into electronic format greatly simplifies both your role as a manager and the work of your specialists."

    All data will always be at your fingertips, and there's no need to run around with notebooks and waste time searching for the necessary information.

    "The second obvious advantage of an electronic system is that we stopped losing clients who had visited us only 1-2 times."

    In the DIKIDI app, you can see which of your clients haven't been with you for a while, which means you can bring them back through calls, marketing champaigns, and special offers.

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    "We've been using DIKIDI for many years, and the main advantage is its user-friendly interface. Our new employees easily start using the program, and we don't spend much time on practicing."

    2. Motivate your Employees

      If you don't motivate and engage your employees, they will only perform basic functions.

      "As a manager, I'm interested in my employees' development, not them standing still. I always encourage the achievements of our specialists through bonuses and flexible salary schemes."

      In DIKIDI, it's very convenient to track the performance of employees - through sales and generated revenue. At Kult Nails, we use statistics in the Sales and Finance sections for this purpose.

      "Motivated employees consistently grow professionally, which means an improvement in the quality of our services and customer service."

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      3. Teach Selling

        Selling in your salon should be done not only by administrators but also by the specialists/technicians - during and after the procedure.

        "For example, in manicures, the extra charge for one design may seem insignificant, but multiply it by 10, 20, 30 customers, and it adds up to a substantial amount. Selling a more expensive design is the technician's task."

        That's why all employees at Kult Nails have a sales plan and receive bonuses for its achievement.

        "DIKIDI also helps us calculate employee salaries. It's convenient that the program offers various options for calculating salaries - we use a fixed payment for administrators and a percentage for specialists."

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        In DIKIDI, you can tie employee salaries to a percentage of sales or award a one-time bonus for exceptional performance.

        4. Organize Your Business

        "In business, it's important to have order, so start by collecting more information about all your operations."

        Customer data, records of past visits, and all financial information should be regularly entered into the system to keep things running smoothly.

        This way, you'll have a complete picture of how things are going and where to focus your efforts for growth or problem-solving.

        5. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

        Regularly checking the state of your business is a necessary condition for prosperity.

        "I keep my finger on the pulse of the business using two tools: analytics in DIKIDI and regular communication with employees."

        In the program, I monitor which services are in demand and which ones aren't selling well. We discuss these metrics during our weekly meetings and brainstorm ideas on how to improve the situation for our customers.

        6. And Most Importantly - Don't Be Afraid of Anything

          "Managing your own business is challenging but exciting. And every big venture starts with the first small step."

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          And be sure to use programs designed to assist you - ones like DIKIDI Business."

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