10 reasons to activate Online booking

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What is Online booking?

Online booking is the possibility of self-registration for the service without waiting for confirmation. Any company or private specialist with an online presence can set up Online booking.

Online booking can be placed:

1. On the company's website and on social networks in the form of the "Book now" button;
2. On Google and Yandex maps, if your company is represented there;
3. In the mobile app for the DIKIDI Online customers;
4. In the form of a direct link to any other Internet sites.

Active button on the DIKIDI website:

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Active button on the DIKIDI Online app:

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Reasons to connect our free Online booking:

1. The ability for a customer to make an appointment 24/7. The customer doesn't need to call - he can make an appointment even if it's inconvenient for him to talk on the phone.

2. The customer sees all available options for booking
- "windows" and chooses the best option for himself.

3. The customer can independently transfer his appointment.
The customer needs to be given such an opportunity, because if he changes his mind about coming, he still won’t come, and you will lose the time taken for him, which you could've booked for someone else.

4. The load on your administrators and managers is reduced.
Instead of taking calls from clients, a private specialist or business manager can direct his time to other tasks, such as working with clients, advertising promotion and business expansion, collecting feedback from customers, improving service, etc.

5. Online booking helps to retain customers.
By phone, the customer may not get through, not want to hang on the second line, not be able to call right away, and after putting it off, forget it. If you have an Online booking set up, the customer can quickly look at the options, select a convenient date and time, and make an appointment without waiting for a response.

6. Saving your time and the customer's time.
A direct button or a link to an Online booking is the fastest and shortest way for a customer to get to you. Directly from the website, from the profile on the social network or in the application, the customer is booked in a couple of clicks without unnecessary transitions. The fewer actions a person performs, the higher the probability that he will come to you.

7. Expansion and storage of the customer base.

After signing up, the customer is automatically recorded in your customer database (name and cell number). All these customers will be collected in a single table in the service and will not be lost anywhere. The visit history (date, time, service, payment) will also be stored for each customer;

8. Competitive advantage.

When choosing from several options of high quality services, the customer will choose a company where he can make an appointment faster. Choosing a master, the customer,  as a rule, writes to several companies. And the fastest way to make an appointment is Online booking, where the customer doesn't wait for a response or confirmation from the other side.

9. Attracting new customers.
When you activate an online account, your profile automatically enters the largest online directory of companies and masters providing services, DIKIDI Online. More than a million customers are looking for services and masters in the field of beauty, health, sports, as well as car services/washes, driving schools, co-working spaces and many others. Auto-placement of the Online booking button on Google Maps with the presence of a company profile there also increases the chances of attracting customers.

10. Online booking in the DIKIDI service is always free!

Use this convenient functionality without any restrictions for free!

You can enable Online booking in the "Online booking" menu section (by clicking the Gear icon in the DIKIDI Business mobile app).

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