Congratulate clients on the New Year - through Mass Messages in DIKIDI

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Pre-New Year's time is a period of gifts, hustle, and joyful expectations. And for businesses, it's also a time for active sales and promoting their services.

One of the most effective ways to attract more clients and increase profits before the New Year is to send mass messages using DIKIDI.

Types of Pre-New Year Mass Messages:

1. Remind Lost Clients - Create a group and send them a special offer on your services.

Examples of such mass messages:

"We wish you happiness in the New Year! To ensure that your mirror reflection delights with its beauty every day, we invite you to a facial massage with a 15% discount in January! Book now: ..."

"Merry Christmas! Today only, if you book hairdressing services, we give you a free Estel hair mask as a gift! May your hair be beautiful and healthy in the coming year! Book now: ..."

"Special New Year's gift for you! Free consultation on facial skincare in winter! Book now: ..."

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2. Boost Sales - Advertise your gift cards or products.

Examples of such mass messages:

"Throughout December, with the purchase of a facial skincare set, get a free hair product! Visit us at ..."

"Don't know what to gift your friend for New Year? Beauty is the best gift. Buy a gift card at Beauty Lab with a 10% discount until December 20: ..."

"Get ready for the New Year with our special offer: 20% off when purchasing a set of services - makeup + styling + manicure. Shine and be beautiful with us! Book now: ..."

3. Strengthen Ties with Regular Clients - Inform them about New Year's gifts and promotions.

Examples of such mass messages:

"Thank you for being with us this year! Throughout December at Beauty Salon "Beauty," we present gifts. Book our services now: ..."

"Especially for our regular clients, we've prepared a New Year's promotion: 20% off any hair coloring. Get ready for the New Year now! Book our services online: ..."

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4. Fill Up a schedule for January - Offer a discount for bookings in January.

Example of such a mass message:

"New Year's offer! 15% off for appointments in January. Don't miss out on your benefits in the new year! Book now: ..."

How to Send Mass Messages in DIKIDI?

In the DIKIDI Business app, you can enable mass messages in the section Control - Mass Messages or in the section Clients - Mass Messages. In the mobile app, you can create mass messages in WhatsApp and the DIKIDI Online chat.

Fill in the title and text of the mass message, select the target audience, and send it to your clients.

Read a detailed guide about Mass Massages

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