Mass messages in WhatsApp - more clients and sales for your business

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Sending mass messages to clients is an excellent way to boost sales and engage your customers.

In the DIKIDI mobile app, you can send messages to your clients on WhatsApp or in DIKIDI chat.

Here are 4 reasons why our users send mass messages:

1. Increasing Sales

    Mass messages stimulate service sales - attractive discounts and promotions will bring you extra profit. You can inform clients about the benefits of services or innovations, and invite them to try new services or events.

    2. Building Customer Loyalty

      The more often customers hear about you, the more they trust your company. Mass messages help maintain communication with customers and remind them of your company's products or services.

      Retaining customers is also aided by a loyalty program - you can inform customers that they have earned bonuses, and they will come to spend them on your services.

      3. Bringing Back Lost Customers

        Lost customers are those who were once your clients but have not returned. You can offer them special conditions for the services they previously used or find out what they didn't like.

        Such customers are an excellent source of information about your business, and if you manage to reactivate them, they will become your most loyal fans.

        4. Conducting Surveys

          Find out from your customers what they like, which services they would like to see, and why they choose your services.

          With the help of mass messages, you can do this quickly and effectively. Create a survey using a special service, such as Google Forms, and attach the link to your message.

          How to Create an Effective Mass Message - Basic Rules

          • Generate Interest

          Start by describing the essence of your offer - why you are contacting the customer. Whether you are inviting them to participate in a promotion for a specific service or specialist, congratulating them on their birthday, or sending information about a new service. This should be clear from the first sentence.

          • Highlight Your Advantages

          Use the customer's problems that your service solves as a starting point to describe your advantages. And don't forget to provide evidence - numbers, and facts that support your claims.

          • Add Restrictions

          This could be information about the promotion's time frame or limits on the number of participants. This motivates customers to book services right away.

          • Include a Call to Action

          Tell the customer what action they should take in the imperative mood. For example: "Book a service right now" or "Reserve your spot."

          Finally, be sure to leave a link - to online booking, your website, or the promotion.

          Example of such a message:

          "Special Offer! 30% discount on a manicure with our new TOP master, Sofia🔥

          We guarantee quality - if you're not satisfied, we'll redo it for free 🙌

          Book your discounted manicure - only until October 15th”

          Find the Mass messages feature in the DIKIDI app - Control section

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