Learn the Power of Notifications and Reminders with DIKIDI!

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Reminders and notifications in DIKIDI can be very useful for your business whether you're a salon owner, fitness trainer, or wellness practitioner. And here is how:

🔔 Keep Your Clients Informed and Engaged

With DIKIDI, you can effortlessly send notifications and reminders to your clients, ensuring they never miss an appointment or important update! Whether it's a gentle reminder of an upcoming session, a promotional offer, or a special event, you can easily keep your clients in the loop.

💪 Customize and Personalize Your Notifications

We understand that every business has its own unique brand and voice. That's why we give you the freedom to customize and personalize your notifications in the DIKIDI app! You can choose the frequency, timing, and content of your reminders, aligning them perfectly with your brand identity.

🙌 Strengthen Client Relationships and Boost Efficiency

By using Notifications and Reminders in DIKIDI, you can significantly reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Your clients will appreciate the gentle nudge to stay on top of their schedules, while you'll enjoy a more organized and efficient business workflow.

🔥 New Feature - Manual Notification Sending!

Manual sending of Notifications is a semi-automated bot that creates texts with all the necessary info and reminds you to send them at a chosen time. It helps you not forget to send all the reminders on time and it is saving your time that you spend writing all the texts.

Try sending automated or semi-automated notifications at DIKIDI app today!

💡 If you haven't already, it's time to explore the incredible Notifications and Reminders features in the DIKIDI app. You can find all the options in Settings menu - Notifications - Settings.

Choose the channel that suits you the best and transform your client communication and their overall experience! 📲

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