5 simple steps to keep track of finances

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A successful business is not possible without financial accounting 💸

Here are the basic steps to help you get your finances in order:

✅ Step 1: Determine your income and expenses

Answer the questions:

- What income do you receive?
- What expenses do you have?

✅ Step 2: Use the accounting software for your finances The features a program should have:

1. Accounting for income and expenses
2. Reports on income and expenses
3. Accounting for services and goods sold
4. Forecasting revenues
5. Calculation of salaries
6. Integration with cash register and bank accounts

DIKIDI Business has all these features in the Finance, Sales and Payroll sections.

✅ Step 3: Keep records regularly and accurately

Record daily data on payments accepted and expenses incurred, monitor your finances weekly, and summarize monthly totals.

In DIKIDI Business it is easy to record the data on the purchase of goods and services - simply click on the "Pay now" button in the appointment when the service is completed.

✅ Step 4: Analyze finances

Keep track of:
- total profits
- income from each service
- costs for the service
- expenses on salaries

✅ Step 5: Plan your finances for the future

1. Define your goals
2. Make a budget for the year - income and expenses
3. Assess the risks that may affect your work

Use DIKIDI Business to keep track of your finances and succeed in growing your business! 😉

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