All about Premium Placement. Benefits, Price.

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In mobile app for clients DIKIDI Online and on website for each city has a public catalog of projects. But your project may be shown in the top of the Premium list.

Your benefits:

  • Project will be placed on main page of website and mobile app
  • Project will be more noticeable
  • Project will be placed higher than those, who don't connect Premium Placement.

Your opportunities:

  • New clients will see your Project, will become interested and will make an appointment.
  • Your logo/photo can see all DIKIDI Users in your city, that will make you more recognizable. 

Where to enable:

You can enable Premium Placement in mobile app DIKIDI Business in section "Premium" or on the website in Settings > Plans


To find out the exact price for the required enable period, go to the Premium section and click Enable Premium. The system will display the periods and the corresponding prices.


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