Adding an online-booking widget on the company's website

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How does it work?

You create an online-booking button and place it on your website, when you click on it, a widget opens and clients can easily sign up for services. These bookings will be automatically added to your appointments.


You can create several options of widgets to solve various kinds of tasks:

  1. Make an appointment

The client chooses how to start booking: choosing a master or choosing a service

  1. Booking to a specific master

The client gets to choose the service from a certain master

  1. Booking for a specific service

The client chooses a master who provides a certain service

  1. Booking to the master for the specific service

The client will only have to choose the time of the visit and confirm the booking

  1. Booking to the group of companies

The client is given a choice of places (relevant for networks of companies)


How to install the online-booking button?

First, you need to generate the button code in the WEB-version of the service by selecting the desired option of the booking form, or in the DIKIDI Business app in the section Online-booking. Copy the received code for placement it on your website.

To place the online booking button on your website follow several simple steps:

  • Create a button

You can create and modify several buttons for your website. All of them will be stored in this section. Creating a button, you need to select the type of online booking (which are described above) and set the button according to the selected type. At the end you will get a code that needs to be placed on your website.

  • Add the necessary files to launch the widget

    Also, for the widget to work on your website, you need to add additional scripts to the website code (contact the technical support of your website or order the configuration from our specialists)

    !!!In the DIKIDI Business app, you can get a button code for your website only 1 option - Make an appointment!!!

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