A Simple Way to Attract New Clients

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The most important component of the service industry is customers 🌟

DIKIDI Business offers a simple and clear tool for attracting new customers – Premium Placement.

How does Premium Placement work? 

Once connected, you receive Premium status in the DIKIDI Online catalog 🏆

The DIKIDI Online catalog is an online booking service for your clients who want to receive services and are looking for the right specialist in the catalog.

The catalog is visited by several million users each month. All of them are your potential clients.

Advantages of Premium Placement: 

✅ Your profile will be displayed on the DIKIDI Online homepage with a Premium badge

✅ On the catalog map, you will receive a special bright marker instead of the standard one

✅ In the DIKIDI Online app and on the website, your profile will always occupy top positions

What does a business gain by using Premium Placement?

🏆 Maximum visibility against competitors

The benefits of Premium Placement will help your business stand out from others and create a positive first impression.

🏆 Attracting new clients

Based on the experience of our business users, 30% more clients book their services thanks to Premium status.

🏆 Enhanced image

Premium status will help your business look professional and build more trust with your audience.

To increase the number of new clients, we also recommend:

1️⃣ Add photos and a profile description

2️⃣ Collect reviews and publishing them in the catalog

3️⃣ Promote online booking among clients - profiles with more online bookings rank higher in the catalog than competitors

👉 To enable Premium Placement, go to the Settings section - Pricing/Plans

Therefore, Premium Placement on DIKIDI Online is an investment in the future success of your business. Increasing visibility, attracting attention, and improving your image will all contribute to the long-term growth of your company.

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