How Online Booking Changes the Game Rules

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Online booking for clients is the new standard in the service industry.

This ensures convenient scheduling and a steady flow of clients 🔥

In the DIKIDI service, there are numerous ways of online booking that you can integrate. 

Let's look at some of them:

Direct link

In our system, a direct link will be created specifically for you.

You can use it on any social networks and messengers - send it in private messages, attach it to posts, or add it to your profile description.

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"Book Now" button

Add the button to your business account on Instagram or Facebook.

After clicking, a page will open where clients can book without leaving the social network.

Instruction: How to Create the Book Button on Instagram and Facebook

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Google Maps

A "Book Online" button will appear on your company's card in Google Maps.

It will appear automatically if you have: 

– online booking enabled in DIKIDI ("Active" status);

– a profile created in Google;

– matching name and address both in DIKIDI and Google.

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🚀 According to DIKIDI statistics, every third client chooses these methods for booking.

Hurry up and enable online booking!

After activation, your profile will be published in the DIKIDI Online catalog.

You'll have a personal page on the website where clients can schedule appointments themselves.

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You can customize the page to match your specific style - adjust the color scheme, add descriptions, select background and profile images, and supplement with interior photos and specialists' portfolio.

👉 To activate, go to the Settings - Online Booking section 

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Service ("Chat" or "Messages" section).

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