Analytics - the Key to Your Business Success

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Analyzing appointments in the service sector provides valuable insights and optimization opportunities for business 💼

With DIKIDI, you can view analytical reports that are automatically generated based on the data you input.

Advantages of appointment analytics:

  • Making informed business decisions

DIKIDI Business generates reports on the most popular services, specialists, appointment statuses, and service sales. This information will help you make straightforward decisions for managing your business.

Here are a few examples:

1️⃣ In the Appointments Journal in the web version, select the "List" menu and the "Status" filter - "Client Did Not Show Up." Review the list of clients who booked appointments but didn't show up, find out the reason, and then you can add them to a blacklist to prevent no-shows in the future.

2️⃣ In the Sales section, review the list of services provided by different categories - and identify the services with the lowest margins. Those services with infrequent sales and revenues barely covering costs. It would be logical to adjust pricing or stop offering such services.

3️⃣ Use the "Visit Completed" filter in the Appointments Journal in the web version and sales data by employees in the Sales section - and identify the specialists with the highest performance. Based on this data, it's easy to reward employees.

    • Forecasting demand

    Service-specific analytics will allow you to forecast changes in demand for services during different periods and flexibly respond to market changes.

    For example, offer discounts on certain services during periods of low demand to stimulate appointments. Additionally, you can plan material procurement and effectively schedule staff.

    👉 Information on services is available in the Appointments Journal and Sales sections on all platforms.

    • Increasing marketing efficiency

    Analyzing the sources through which clients make appointments will help you understand which platforms or social networks are most popular among your audience.

    For instance, if most appointments are made through the DIKIDI Online app, consider purchasing Premium placement and running promotions during peak demand to attract even more clients.

    👉 To track customer behavior: open the Appointments Journal - "List" menu item in the web version or the "Control" - "Analytics" section in the mobile app.

    Thus, utilizing analytical data enhances the efficiency of your business through clear managerial decisions.

    🔥 According to internal statistics from DIKIDI, every third client selects Instagram (the book button or a direct link) or Google Maps for Online Booking.

    Therefore, we advise you to explore all the possibilities of Online Booking in DIKIDI. The following materials will help you with this:

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    How to Add a Book Button on Google Maps

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