Wow effect for customers - the experience of using their own branded app in Madness Laser

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Ann started her career in the beauty industry 7 years ago. During this time, her carrier has developed from a private master to the owner of a beauty studio.

Now Ann's cosmetology and aesthetics studio has a lot of regular customers and scheduled services for a month in advance. 

How DIKIDI is helping along the way - in our interview.

What did you use before our software for appointment scheduling?

I liked to buy beautiful notebooks where I kept all the information - about clients, appointments, finances. With the development of the client base, it became extremely inconvenient.
  •  When the notebook was not at hand, I lost clients.

What changes did you notice when you started using DIKIDI in your work?

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Everyone says that the service has become way better. You have your own branded app.

How many clients use it to make appointments?

On average, 50-60% of clients book online via the Madness Laser studio app on iOS or Android. They say it is very convenient.

Why did you decide to develop your own app in DIKIDI?

This is a great way to stand out from the competition.

  • When customers find out that we have our own app, it creates a wow effect.

The image of the salon immediately improves in the eyes of customers.

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What are you doing to increase customer loyalty so that they come back again and again?

First of all, I provide high-quality services. Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine don't show an immediate result. I take before/after photos to show my clients that the effectiveness increases with each session.

I also try to establish warm relations with clients - I keep their information in the DIKIDI app and give them birthday rewards.

Finally, we accrue rewards for services - this is a nice discount for regular customers. The client can accumulate rewards for several sessions and spend them to pay for part of the cost. It's always a nice addition to the routine.

Developing a branded application in DIKIDI is fast, inexpensive and efficient.

All you need to do is send us your corporate identity and we will do all the work within 2-3 weeks. You will receive an app with a lot of features, designed in your style.

You can learn the cost of developing a branded app n the Online Booking - Branded App section or in the support chat.

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