How to Work with the Appointment Journal

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In the DIKIDI Business mobile app, the Appointment journal has a number of tools for its comfortable use in various situations. To do this, there are different modes of the "Appointments" section.

There are 3 options for displaying the Appointment journal:
1) calendar for a day;
2) calendar for a month;
3) list mode.

The journal in the "Day" mode shows in detail your appointments for all employees who have customers on a specific date.

Image 5512

The journal in the "Month" mode allows you to evaluate the staff workload in general on one screen, count the number of appointments.

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The "List" mode in the journal shows All appointments in a list as they come. And various filters, including the search bar, help you quickly and easily find the necessary booking of the desired customer.

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The appointment journal on the website consists of:

"Calendar" — the general journal.
"List" — all appointments in the list, including canceled ones.
"Group" — making appointments of several customers at once for the same time to one specialist.

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