Creating an Appointment of Specified Duration

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We have added a simple and convenient appointment time setting tool.

In the DIKIDI system it's possible to create a service, make an appointment or take time from 5 minutes, as well as a multiple of 5 minutes: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes etc.

Thus, you will be able to set up services for exactly as long as you need.

For effective use of Online booking and minimization of windows, we recommend activating the Optimal time function in the settings.

What does it look like for the service provider?

Image 3990

You can also choose a convenient scale for displaying time intervals in the Appointments section.

The service offers 4 display scales:
  • 5 min.
  • 10 min.
  • 15 min.
  • 30 min.
And also the Appointment diary itself can be scaled as comfortably as possible:

Image 3991

Small time gradation will allow you to plan accurately customer appointments and reduce downtime.

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