2 Loyalty Program Schemes for Building Strong Relationships with Customers

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Loyalty programs not only help retain customers but also pave the way for building long-term relationships between the business and the customer 🤝

The Bonus Programs (Rewards) functionality in DIKIDI allows you to add multiple programs for different customer groups with various settings.

Let's consider 2 basic loyalty program schemes:

1️⃣ Birthday Bonuses

Before their birthday, customers often want to prepare for the celebration or simply treat themselves. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage customers to use your services.

Settings you can choose:

– award 100 bonus points

– 3 days before the birthday

– bonus validity period (expiration time) 2 weeks

– payment limit 15%

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2️⃣ Cashback Program with Multiple Levels

Cashback programs are a powerful tool for working with customers because they motivate them to make purchases with you to receive additional bonuses and discounts.

📌 for retaining regular customers

Regular customers need to feel appreciated for their loyalty and dedication.

Implement a loyalty program consisting of 2-4 levels – the more customers use your services, the higher the cashback percentage.

Parameters you can choose:

– accumulation from 4.000 💸 / cashback 10%

– accumulation from 10.000 💸 / cashback 15%

– payment limit 10%

– bonus validity period (expiration time) 6 months

📌 for returning lost customers

Sometimes customers come and don’t return, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever.

Offer cashback right after the first visit to attract the customer for a repeat visit and solidify the connection.

Parameters you can choose:

– cashback of 5% after the first visit

– payment limit 15%

– bonus validity period (expiration time) 1 month

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All the mentioned bonus programs in DIKIDI can run simultaneously.

❗️ Be sure to set a bonus expiration period. This creates a sense of value (getting a discount) and urgency (using it as soon as possible) for the customer.

* The values given are based on average beauty salons. When choosing loyalty programs, we recommend relying on your business metrics and considering the impact on profits.

The Bonus Programs (Rewards) functionality is available in the PRO and VIP plans.

How to set up a bonus program in DIKIDI

Don’t forget to inform customers about your loyalty program – through social networks, administrators, and mass mailings using DIKIDI.

Ideas for mass mailings to customers

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