3 Reasons Why a Business Needs to Be Active Online

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In today's world, where technology is integrated into every aspect of our lives, having an online presence is essential for business success 💯

We have a solution for those who want to expand their online capabilities - listing in the DIKIDI Online catalog.

What are the advantages of the DIKIDI Online catalog?

✅ Access to a Large Audience

The DIKIDI Online catalog (website and app) is visited by hundreds of thousands of users every month - these are your potential clients and partners 💼

Once listed, you'll have your page on the internet with minimal effort. Your target audience will be able to find you easily using filters - for example, by type of services or on the map of your city.

✅ Free Online Booking

Listing in the catalog and the Online Booking feature on DIKIDI are completely free 🤩

The online booking widget is simple and convenient for clients, and also beneficial for businesses - no more wasting time managing bookings.

Establishing connections with regular clients is easy through the DIKIDI Online app. In the app, clients can quickly repeat bookings, message you in the chat, track their bonus points, and receive newsletters.

✅ Promotion of Your Brand and Services

Profiles with high ratings and reviews at the end of the year receive a special award - the DIKIDI Awards. They are highlighted with a special badge and placed in a dedicated section 🏆

Another way to promote is through Premium Placement. Your profile will be displayed prominently in all sections of the catalog, including the homepage and the map.

To boost sales of your services, publish a promotion in the catalog.

How to Get Listed in the DIKIDI Online catalog?

Just 3 simple steps:

- Create a company or freelancer project in DIKIDI Business

- Fill in the basic information

- Apply for Online Booking

After passing moderation, your profile will be automatically published in the DIKIDI Online catalog.

Thus, a business that actively develops in the digital environment gains an advantage over competitors, as it works more effectively with clients, builds its reputation, and promotes its brand.

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