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Kate is a DIKIDI user and the head of the "Vanilla" beauty studio. We asked her to share the advantages that the branded app brings to her salon.

Advantages of the branded app

Online booking - key feature 

"Having our own application is convenient for both us and our clients. Clients download our application and can schedule an appointment in a couple of clicks."

Prestige and status 

"Not every salon can afford to develop an application, so it emphasizes our status as a reliable and large salon."

Advantage over competitors 

"Our application is always visible on the clients' phones, increasing the likelihood that they will schedule an appointment with us."

Free invitations for a return visit 

Invitations remind clients to rebook services, increasing the likelihood of them returning for your services.

What to do to make the branded app work at 100%

1. Make sure clients know about your application:

    - Regularly remind clients about your application - during booking, after services, and on social media. 

    - Post a download link for the application on your social media. 

    - Print a QR code for downloading the application and display it prominently. 

    Idea! You can motivate clients to use the application with special conditions or a contest. For example, raffle a certificate for your services among application users.

    2. Communicate with clients in the chat of your application - send reminders, conduct free mailings.

    3. Implement a bonus system in DIKIDI. In your application, clients can see how much cashback they have and may want to return to your services again.

      Develop a branded app in DIKIDI in just a few weeks

      The cost can be found in the Plans - Branded App section. Or write to us in the Support Chat, and we will promptly answer all your questions.

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