How to Increase Retention

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Everything we do for our customers, we do so that they are satisfied and come back again.


The loyalty of regular customers is not only a stable income but also a reduction in advertising costs with the help of recommendations through word of mouth.


What is important to do, to increase customer retention? 

1. It's important to focus on the moment of the FIRST visit. If a customer likes everything, it is great! But don't let them go just like that. While they are calculating, invite them to book for the next session. You can do it immediately with an attractive offer in the form of a bonus or discount. 

Bonus “cashback”
works great for retention - the amount credited to a customer for the next visit burns out within a certain time. It is optimal to set the "life" of the bonus to no more than 1-2 months.


How to set up a Bonus program in DIKIDI


2. A customer will appreciate your care and attention if you contact them the next day after the appointment and wonder if they are all right and if they like everything. They will be charmed if you give additional recommendations on the necessary care after the provided service and make it clear that you are always in touch if something goes wrong.


By the way, if the customer doesn't make a new appointment right after your service, such a call is another chance to offer a new visit. Here are standard options which you can use during the dialogue:

  • It's better to book an appointment for this specialist in advance, because there may simply be no free time later.


  • Since you have bonuses which burn down in a week so as not to forget - we offer to book an appointment in advance to spend this bonus.

3. If you do not have the opportunity to quickly contact each customer after their visit, set up a review request (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram), which will be sent to the customer's phone on time and will allow you to receive feedback. A positive review will work "at a distance" and will be able to attract new customers. Negative feedback will give you a chance to work on mistakes and return a dissatisfied customer.

More information about the Review request notification


4. To prevent customers from forgetting that it's time to book services, set up a return visit invitation, which will be automatically sent to customers after their visit. Invitations will be sent via WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or the DIKIDI Online app.

More about the Return visit invitation 

5. If a customer has visited you repeatedly but for some reason has not been for more than 3-6 months, we revive and sway such customers with special offers, bonuses, and open days, especially if the customer is loyal.

You can call and, having offered, for example, accrual of bonuses, just chat with a customer, carefully find out the reason for such a long absence. It happens that the true reason is absolutely unpredictable, for example, tactless behavior or even rudeness of the master, which you did not even suspect. All these points can be worked out and a customer will be returned.


In DIKIDI you can create mass mailing for the necessary customer group. In your message you can write any offer:


  • Invitation to try NEW SERVICES;
  • Accrual of bonuses in honor of the upcoming holiday;
  • Special offer or personal bonus for loyalty to the company.


Many companies do not send out mailing lists and do not call their customers, because they are afraid to annoy them. While leading companies keep their finger on the pulse and regularly remind customers of themselves.

IT'S ALL ABOUT SUPPLY! Your task is to guess what the customer desires and please him. And do not be afraid to initiate contact first.

If a customer is not interested in your offer, he will ignore it. The lowest percentage will give an aggressive backlash, which is most likely for personal reasons that are beyond your control. And a greater percentage of your loyal customers will react positively and book an appointment again

How to work with the Retention section in DIKIDI 


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