Free Mass Messaging in the Branded App Chat

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Free mass messaging with custom text

You have the ability to send free mass messages in your Branded App chat. This way, you can notify clients about important events and updates with just a few clicks.

How to Create a Mass Message

How much money can you save?

On average, a company's database contains about 500 clients, and it sends 2 mass advertising messages per month to each of them.

Ordering 1 SMS costs approximately 0,05 $ for 70 characters (prices are presented in USA dollars). Usually, a test consists of at least 2 parts, which is already  0,1 $ per SMS. So:

0,1 * 500 = 50 $ for one campaign;

50 * 2 = 100 $ per month for 2 campaigns.

For comparison, subscription fee for a branded app costs only 20 $ per month. If you have 2 or more branches, then it's even less. This means you can easily save on client campaigns!

Important! Unlike mass SMS campaigns, you can respond to a message in your branded app + you can see how many clients have read it.

You can clarify the details and order the Branded App in the chat with the support service of your project (Messages or Chat section).

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