Automatic Deduction of Materials. Service Technology Cards

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DIKIDI Business allows you to set up automatic material deduction when providing services, without having to add them each time you make a sale.

This setting is available with the Full plan or the "Products" module.

How to choose a plan?

How to set up?

Go to the web version on the website. Open the "Settings" - "Services" section. Find and open the service card for which you want to configure automatic material deduction.

In the "Materials" tab, enter the list of materials and the quantity of materials in units of measurement for deduction.

Save the changes. These materials will now be added to the service sales form.

How does it work?

When selling a service with a configured technology card, the "Materials" field will automatically be filled in with expendables. You can always change the list or quantity of materials spent on a visit by simply going to "Materials" - "Sales forms".

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