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Mobile phones are an integral part of the modern life, they take a lot of time and are always at hand. Therefore, all companies strive to increase their presence on phones - they develop mobile adaptations of websites, post on social media, and develop their branded apps.

A branded mobile app is a mobile app designed in the corporate style of the company. It helps increase the reach of the audience and makes the purchases or use of services more convenient for customers.

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The main advantages of creating a branded app for a company:

    1. Online booking in a couple of clicks. Users prefer to make appointments in their phones, it is fast and convenient. Companies that are always at hand outperform competitors and make biggger profits.
    2. Convenient way to get in touch. A branded app is a great way to always stay in touch with customers. Enable push notifications and chat directly to them. In the app you can set up reminders for your clients, invite them to the next appointments, collect reviews and wish them happy birthday.
    3. Premium status. A mobile app designed in a corporate style gives the impression of a company's uniqueness and creates an image of a high-quality and reliable brand.

    Thus, a branded application is an excellent tool for increasing company profits, working with regular customers and attracting new ones.

    Development of a branded app in DIKIDI is fast and affordable 

    Application development doesn't have to be a tedious and expensive process. DIKIDI offers a turnkey branded app in 2-3 weeks and only for 100 dollars / 100 euros.

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    Contact DIKIDI support for details on developing a branded app.

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