How to Set Up Notifications

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You can activate all types of notifications in the "Notifications" section of your project in the DIKIDI Business web version or in the mobile app.

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in order for your notifications to be sent to customers, you need at least one active sending channel!

can be configured by default both when booking online and when an employee creates an appointment.

Sending channels

You can set up notifications via the following channels: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Manual Sending.

To do this, in the web version, go to the section "Notifications" - "Sending channels",
and in the mobile app, go to the "More" - "Notifications" - "Settings" section and connect the sending channels you have chosen.

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In order for your SMS notifications to be sent to customers, you need to replenish your balance.

You can top up your SMS balance as follows: in the web version, "Settings" - "Notifications" - "Sending channels" - "SMS" - "Recharge balance".

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And also in the mobile app: "More" - "Notifications" - "SMS" - "Replenish".

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To use the WhatsApp and Telegram sending channels
, you must select the connection period (1, 3, 6, 12 months) and pay. Here you can also extend the period.

After that, you need to set visit reminders in customer appointments. By setting reminders, you can reduce customer non-appearance and time spent on calls.

To use Manual Sending of Notifications, you need to select the types of notifications you want to send, configure the default sending time and period, and choose the sending methods. 

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The sending window will automatically open when the sending time arrives. In the popup window, you can:

    • select a sending method from the available options;
    • postpone the notification for a specific time;
    • сhoose not to send it - in this case, the notification will no longer be offered for sending and will remain in the notification history.

    Manual Sending of Notifications is included in the Minimal, Standard, and Full plans, and there is also an option to separately activate the "Manual Sending" module.

    How to set up visit reminders

    Notification templates

    You can change template texts for notifications in the "Templates" section.

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    Individual notification templates

    To configure, write to the chat with the DIKIDI support team.

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