How to Set Up Prepayment with Square?

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1. Register in Square
2. In section click “Get Started” and “+

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Give a name, click “Save”,then “Open”.

3. In the web-version of the DIKIDI Business service on the website, enable prepayment in the Settings - Prepayment - Add prepayment section.
Click Internet Acquiring

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4. Select a payment method

Image 2715


The system will ask for the сredentials required for the selected payment system

Image 2716


5. In your personal account Square should be the data for integration with CRM: Access Token and Location ID

Log into your account at:

Image 2718


Image 2719


On the Production tab, under Credentials, in the Access Token row, click Show, then copy and paste into the form in DIKIDI (screenshot below).

Image 2720


On the Production tab in the Credentials section, copy the Access Token and paste it into the form in DIKIDI (screenshot above). On the Location tab, copy the Location ID and paste it into the form in DIKIDI. Click Save.

Image 2721


Image 2706


6. In your Square personal account, in the Webhooks section, you need to select Enabled and in a new line, enter the address indicated on the form in DIKIDI in red (https: //

Image 2707


Image 2717


Then you need to set up the prepayment conditions

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