Online Booking in Big Competition

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There is a big competition between beauty salons, like in another business. Now, if you are not on the internet, you are nowhere. Less people know about you and your potential clients go to competitors. Many beauty salon's owners ignore this fact.

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Modern technologies in BEAUTY business are used not only for attracting new clients. Technical features of your company make communication with clients simpler. For example, Online Booking helps to save client's time. Less calls, waiting and conversations. Also, it saves time for your staff.


Online Booking is actual for work with the young generation. All of us use gadgets and communicate on the internet.  Mobile application DIKIDI Online is easy for work and looks good on your smartphone. Clients can make an appointment round the clock. You can always remind clients about visits. SMS notifications are sent automatically. It saves time for calling and reduces situations when client don't come and you lose work time.

Fight with competition with Online Booking in DIKIDI.

1. Free and available 24/7.

Client can make an appointment round the clock

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2. Attractive profile.

Many women are visuals. A well-designed profile can attract a client. In your DIKIDI profile you can place your logo, add interior photos and write descriptions. In total, all of this looks good and makes a good impression. 

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3. Clients can see feedback about your salon.

Many clients read feedback before making an appointment. Good feedback and high rating make your company more attractive.

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4. Full information about services, prices and duration. 

All Users can see your service list, prices, duration and description. Also, you can add Staff's photos. It can help clients to select a service and estimate the result of visit. 

5. Mobile app includes location and map.

Clients can open a map and find your location without another app's help. You won't have to explain where to find your salon.

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6. 7 ways to make appointment.

Our service includes 7 types of Online Booking:

-Client's mobile application DIKIDI Online iOS и Android


-Your personal link which you can place in your social network's profiles. 


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-Your website - place button on your website

-Direct link - you can place it anywhere.

-Yandex.Maps. ability to make an appointment from search.

-Branded Mobile application - your personal mobile application.


Except all considered benefits online booking helps to optimize salon's schedule: reduce free slots, excludes double booking etc. 

We only considered the main benefits of Online Booking in big competition. Online Booking helps to save clients at the booking stage. Additional information increases loyalty to your brand. The more about your company clients know, the higher the chances that they will make an appointment. Communication with clients shows your interest in good service. 

You can activate your Online Booking in mobile app in section "Online Booking" > "Enable online booking", in website in section "Settings" > "Online booking" > "Activate online booking".

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