How Sales Data Helps Businesses

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Are you keeping track of which of your services are most popular? How does demand for them change? Which employees bring you the most profit?

Why do you need to know sales data?

1. To see trends

You will easily see which services are in high demand among customers, which employees bring you the most money, and how your profit is distributed across different seasons.

In DIKIDI, there are clear diagrams and graphs for profit and sales amounts, distribution of profit by services and employees, as well as service costs.

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2. To make the right decisions

By analyzing sales data and trends, you can make informed decisions about which services to promote, and which ones to remove or change to avoid losses and earn more.

DIKIDI has all the statistics for making informed business decisions.

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3. To earn more

To earn more, you need to focus efforts on the most popular and profitable services. It is also important to track and optimize the cost of services, i.e., your expenses for providing them.

Check out the service report in DIKIDI to see the distribution of sales volume and profit by services for different days, weeks, months, or years.

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4. To motivate employees

You can use sales data from employees to reward and encourage the best specialists. This will increase employees' motivation to increase the average bill and sell more services.

The employee report in DIKIDI will show what percentage of sales each employee made. You can track statistics for a week or month to make decisions about their motivation.

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4. To improve service

If some services or employees stand out significantly from others, it's a signal to gather important information about the service. You can find out what customers liked or didn't like about your services and use this information to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Compare sales data for services and employees in DIKIDI in percentages and money to notice unusual trends.

5. To attract customers

Sales data can be used to attract customers. For example, you will know exactly when to launch a promotion and which services require promotion.

In DIKIDI, you can see which services have declined in sales and launch a promotion in DIKIDI Online or on your social networks.

What to do to make it all work:

- Connect the LITE, PRO, or VIP tariff in the Settings - Plans section;

- After each service is provided, add info about the payment in the DIKIDI Business app.

Voila! Sales statistics will be automatically collected in the Sales Management section.

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