Clear picture of your business with data on sales and finances

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Your employees, your customers, the quality of your services are essential for your business success. However, without data on sales and finances, you don't have a clear picture of the state and development of your business.

Do you know how much money you have in your accounts? Where you lose your money? Who/what is bringing you the greatest income?

But why do you need data on sales and finances?

- To reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profits
- To set goals - how much you want to earn per month, quarter, year
- To improve unprofitable services or get rid of them
- To know precisely how to attract customers better
- To create a reserve fund for unforeseen circumstances

What data can you see in DIKIDI Business to solve these tasks?

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In the Sales section:

  • Total sales amount and business profit
  • Your net cost of providing services
  • The effectiveness of your business operations
  • The share of profit brought in by each employee
  • The most profitable services and goods
  • Sales volume of each service
  • Average check for your company

 In the Finance section
  • Current balance in your accounts and cash
  • Incomes and expenses across different categories
  • Forecasted income based on planned appointments
  • Allocation of funds across different accounts and cash registers
As well as convenient diagrams and graphs that help visually analyze trends in income and expenses.

The Sales and Finances are available within any paid plan in DIKIDI. You can subscribe in the Settings - Plans section in the DIKIDI app or in the Plans section of the DIKIDI web version.

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