Why is Online Booking Advantageous?

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Activation of Online Booking has many benefits:

1. Attracting new clients

Your project will be placed in a public catalog and new clients may be interested in your project and make new appointments online. Besides the catalog in DIKIDI Online is an additional source of advertising.

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- Your clients can leave feedback about visits and rate your salon. Good feedback and high ratings make your company more attractive.

2. Several ways to book Online.

- Branded mobile application

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Personal mobile app for Online Booking developed with your materials and color scheme and published in the App Store and Google Play.

- Direct link

Your own direct link to the online booking, that can be placed anywhere. This link can be posted on social networking services (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), can be sent in PM, and can be placed in profile information.

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- Mobile app DIKIDI Online 

Clients can make appointments in the mobile app DIKIDI Online, which is free in AppStore and Google Play for mobile phones and tablets.

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- Website DIKIDI Online

You have a free profile on the website DIKIDI.net. Online booking is available on this page.

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- Your website

Online Booking form can be placed on any website. Just add the button "Online Booking". 

3. Beautiful project for attracting clients

All information about your salon (phone number, address, your location) will be available inside client's phones. It makes the booking process simpler and gives only positive emotions to clients.

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4. Saving Your Time.

Online Booking helps to save client's time. Fewer calls, waiting, and conversations. Also, it saves time for your staff. 

5. Don't lose Clients

Online booking is free and available 24/7. Clients can make an appointment around the clock.

6. "Fixed Time" for Online Booking.

Sometimes our support center receives requests with fears that clients will make new appointments at different times. We have more options to minimize free slots in your schedule.

In our service, you can set up a Fixed Time Time for Online Booking. Just select the time which will be available for clients.

We have 2 types of fixed time:

  1. Start time of assignment by days of the week, if you want to fix the start time of online booking independent of a particular date. For example, on Monday and Thursday, clients can make an appointment only at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 17:00, another time will be unavailable for booking.
  2. Assignment time for specific days, if you want to add or delete exact time ranges for online booking on particular dates. For example, on 10th September 2020 can make an appointment only at 17:00 another time will be unavailable for booking.

In addition, you can hide some time range or all day. At the same time, you can make new appointments, but for clients, this time online booking will be unavailable.  

7. Push notifications for all users from your city about new deals.

When you publish a new deal in your profile all users from your town will receive push notification in the app with this information.

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8. All client's bonus points in profile.

Clients will see how many points they saved up in your salon and maybe will make an appointment.   

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9. The client will not forget about the visit.

Clients can see all appointments, history of visits and favorite services in the mobile application DIKIDI Online. In addition, clients can cancel or postpone the visit itself.   


10. Notifications about new appointments.

You will not miss any appointments. You will receive free push notifications about new/rescheduled/deleted appointments in the mobile application DIKIDI Business.

So Online Booking has many benefits and helps to do business easier. Let's activate Online Booking! 

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