How to create and sale gift certificates

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Gift certificates are different: Electronic and Classic (printed certificates), with fixed and non-fixed value, with and without discounts, lifetime-limited and unlimited, for services, for goods and many more varieties.

In the DIKIDI service you can create, sell and accounting any kind of certificates.


Start. Creating a template

In the web version of the service at, in the "Certificates" section, select the "Certificate Templates" tab. Click "Add Template" and create your first certificate template. The template is needed in order to set its basic conditions. Pay attention to each one.

Using these or those settings - you can achieve the desired conditions.


First, select the type of certificate

If you are just starting to sell certificates - use Electronic (the number of the electronic certificate is assigned automatically).


If you already have - select the Classic type (you specify the same certificate number when selling as it appears on the printed certificate).


Next - select the type of certificate amount

Fixed - here you can specify the exact value of the certificates. For example 15,30 , 40.

Range - allows you to specify the value when buying/selling a certificate. It can be a limited range from - to ... or not limited(do not fill the fields from / to). 

At the same time, you can also specify a discount for the sale of the certificate.


Configure the certificates lifetime

You can set the conditions of use of certificates by term. For example, that the certificate will be valid immediately after the sale or postponed from a certain date ... or after a certain period.


Set the sales period

For example, you can limit the sale period. Let's say you're doing a certificate promotion on the eve of a holiday.


Customize the certificate design  

How it will look to the recipient. Please note that you can choose backgrounds from the proposed ones or add your own. That way you can stand out. The dimensions of the layout should be in a 3:2 ratio.

How to sell certificate?

You can sell a certificate by clicking the Sell certificate button in the Certificates section.

Or create a sale by selecting the Certificates tab. The certificate sales form is step-by-step and similar to ordering from an online store. 

Select the certificate templates you want to sell.

At the next step, indicate which visual the client has chosen, select or enter the value. Indicate the number of certificates with this value. 


If you sell a classic certificate, the system will ask you to indicate the certificate number. After the formation of the order, specify the buyer below, and where to send the certificate. If you do not know the customer's phone number, create a customer for these purposes - "Buyer" with a non-existent number.


Complete the sale of certificates by payment processing.

Perfectly. The certificate was sent to the specified addresses. Now when the recipient comes to you, he will show you the сredentials of the certificate so that you can apply it.

Selling a certificate online

You can sell a certificate not only from hand to hand, that is, during a face-to-face meeting of a client. But also ONLINE. To do this, you can put a certificate template for sale.


Select the certificate templates you want to sell and click on Selling Online.

IMPORTANT! To accept Online payment for certificates, you need to connect Internet acquiring in the Finance - Acquiring section of the website

*Percentage of DIKIDI commission is determined depending on the selected acquiring

Where will the certificate for sale be placed?

  1. Direct link to book online


Once published, your certificates will be available for online purchase. The client will be able to choose a template, value and send the purchased electronic certificate to the recipient's e-mail or to himself, and you will receive funds to your account.


Application of the certificate

The application of the certificate is possible only based on the conditions of the certificate template. Apply the certificate can be as payment for goods and (or) services. Checkout the sale and click Go to Payment.

In the window that opens, you will see the Certificates button. By clicking on it, an additional window will open with the requisites of the certificate: number and pin-code. If the certificate is Classic - pin-code is not required.

The use of the certificate will happen when the right combination of number and pin code.


The functionality of the Certificates is available in the DIKIDI Business service in a paid tariff, starting from the Standard.

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