How to Promote Gift cards

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The service sector is actively going online. The leading trends now are:

  • Online booking for services;
  • Online prepayment for services;
  • Online purchase/sale of gift cards.

Let's focus on the gift card online sale.

The service sector rarely implies prepayment, especially long before a service is provided.

Gift cards in this case are a great way to increase sales and get paid for services in advance.

Moreover, the limited validity period of gift cards provides incomplete customer turnover. So services are provided, on average, for 70% of the amount received, 30% of the money goes to a business just as a gift.

Online sale of gift cards makes them more accessible for customers, and the purchase is as simple and convenient as possible. Now customers don’t need to go to you to buy a gift for friends or family. And you can save on delivery services.

Making a sale is as simple as in any online store. A customer chooses the desired nominal value (amount) of a gift card, design and pays for the certificate with a bank card.

An electronic gift card with the assigned number and pin code will be instantly sent to a customer or the specified addressee by e-mail.

What does the Gift card online sale give to a business:

  • Increasing the number of spontaneous purchases by customers;
  • The opportunity to send messages to customers not just with an offer to visit the service, but with an offer to buy it right now, and visit it when it is suitable for them;
  • Expanding the client audience through a simple algorithm of buying and sending a certificate to anyone, even to another city or country;
  • The possibility of online sale of goods. You can create gift certificates for goods and sell them in the same way as in an online store. And the certificate owner will be able to come and exchange the certificate for the selected product;
  • Receiving funds for services in advance;
  • Saving on printing and delivery services.

How to set up your own Gift card Online sales page?

If you are already a DIKIDI Business user, you need:

  • To check if your online booking is activated (the online gift card sale form is located on your online booking page);
  • Go to the section "Customers" - "Gift cards" - "Add a gift card template" and enable online sales.


By the way, you can sell both ONLINE and OFFLINE gift cards using DIKIDI.

The sale of gift cards is available at the Standard and Full plans.

Read more about how to create and sell gift cards HERE

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