Online booking to the maximum: all the secrets of setup and use

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80% of customers want to make appointments online. Let's explore how to make online booking convenient for your company and use it to the maximum benefit for your business.

How does online booking increase profits?

Online booking help you attract more customers. People who find you on maps, social media, or in the DIKIDI Online can immediately view the cost of your services and instantly book appointments.

Online booking improves the quality of service
, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Modern people appreciate the opportunity to book with you at any convenient time and not wait for your response.

Online booking saves you and your staff working time
. Instead of communicating by phone and manually making appointments, you can spend time on marketing, training, or business development.

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How to set up online booking?

To set up online booking, fill out your profile (company information, services, employees) and set your working hours.

You can check all requirements in the Online Booking section of the DIKIDI Business app.

Okay, online booking enabled. What's next?

Check your profile on DIKIDI Online. Are all links working? Are all sections filled out? Check:

  • Description - Is it clear why customers should choose your services?
  • Contacts - Are the details filled in correctly?
  • Employees' photos - Can people see who provides the services? This builds trust in the company.
  • Service photos - Are there services without photos?
  • Grouping services by categories - Would a stranger understand the names and categories of services?

Connect integration with Google Maps so your clients can book services directly the Maps

We have detailed instruction on how to set it up

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Share links on social media - your clients should immediately see that you have the option to book online.

Add information about available time slots with a link to online booking to your content plan - this is an effective way to fill up appointments.

Print and place a QR code for online booking prominently in your salon for your clients. You can also use the QR code in advertising: on signs, on flyers, so potential clients can learn more about your services and quickly book.

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Create a custom personal link for online booking (in the web version). To do this, go to the Settings section - Online Booking - QR code and direct link and enter your text in the "Personal link" field.

Place the online booking widget on your website. The widget is a convenient way to integrate online booking on your site. Clients will be able to book directly on your website.

Connect online booking in the DIKIDI Business app and use all the advantages for the benefit of your business!

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