January Promotions - your way to gather the New Year's cream

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During and after the New Year holidays, your clients are looking for ways to have fun and spend the money gifted for the New Year. Help them with Deals on DIKIDI!

What Deals can you offer?

1. Discount on a service

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2. Discount on a set of services

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    3. Discount on enjoyable experiences

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      4. Discount for new clients

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      5. Bonus for referring a friend

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        *Please provide detailed information for clients in the promotion terms and conditions - what they need to do to participate.

        Where is the Deal published?

        1. In the popular DIKIDI Online app and on the dikidi.net website.

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        2. Appears during online client appointments via a direct link or in any other location.

        How to create a Deal?

        You can create a Deal in the DIKIDI Business mobile app and the web version of dikidi.net.

        In the mobile app:

        Go to the Control menu - Promotion section - Deals. Click the Create Promotion button.

        In the web version:

        Go to the Promotion section and click Add deal

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        Чи допомогла вам ця стаття?