For How Long to Set Up a Work Schedule and How Often to Extend It?

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The DIKIDI service recommends to make a work schedule for 1-2 months in advance so that customers can make an appointment early. The schedule can be adjusted at any time if there are changes.

But if the work schedule ends, try to extend it as early as possible, since Online booking for services will automatically turn off:
  • if a work schedule ends, which means there will be no time for making appointments;
  • if a work schedule is completely full and there are no more “windows” for booking;
  • if specialists who provide services do not have a schedule.

To activate Online booking again
— create a work schedule for next period, 
— in the “Online booking” menu section, click “Enable/activate online booking".

To avoid unexpected turnoffs, the system will warn you in advance about the work schedule ending:
  • via push notification in the DIKIDI mobile app;
  • in the Support chat there will be information about what needs to be corrected to activate Online Booking.
Online booking rules

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