Where Deals Are Posted?

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A Deal is a great way to attract customers, increase profit or improve loyalty to your company or yourself as a specialsit.

What tasks can the Deal solve:

  • Increase the average check;
  • Attract new customers;
  • Return inactive customers;
  • Sell leftover goods;
  • Promote a new service;
  • Grow your client base.

Customers will be able to see your promotion:

1. In the DIKIDI Online mobile app in the Deals section.

Image 4446


2. On the DIKIDI Online website in the Deals section.

Image 4448


3. By direct link (it can be posted on social media and messengers, sent in private messages, attached to any post).

Image 4450

4. You can also share your Deals with customers on social media and private messages.

How to share your Deal

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