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The Finance module allows you to view your income for a period. It's also simple and accurate to keep separate accounting for cash flow. Control the receipt and expenditure of money, move to different places of storage.

You will be able to separate cash flows into cash and non-cash.
Separate accounting of finances helps to distribute income and expenses by separate items, which allows you to keep high-quality accounting for intended purposes.

Charts on Income and Expenses, as well as printed forms of reports, help to analyze cash flows, to better allocate resources and account for their balances.

Attention. Be sure to make sales and payments in the Appointments section. Only in this case, funds will be recorded and displayed in the Finance section.

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This functionality is provided on a paid basis and is included in the Minimum, Standard, Full plans. In addition, you can connect this module separately.

You can always see pricies when connecting a functionality in the Plans section.

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