Terms of Deal Publication

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Terms of Deal Publication


Deal - a special offer in the DIKIDI service containing the Contractor's offer to sell the Goods/perform the Works/perform the Services on special terms with a description of such conditions and aimed at concluding the Acceptance of the public Offer, on the terms set out in the offer.

Creator of Deal - person/company owning information about the deal and initiating its publication

Deal Publication - offering deal in public resources, in order to draw the attention of the target group of consumers to the deal product or service.

Deal Moderation - verification of compliance of the deal with the information added to it with the terms of publication

Deal Blocking - prohibition in the publication of the deal for violation of the terms of publication or at the request of the creator of the deal

1. The Deal shall be in accordance with the User Agreement, the DIKIDI Service Agreement and applicable law, in particular advertising law.

2. By placing the deal, you unconditionally accept the terms of the Advertising Services Agreement.

3. The creator of the Deal shall be responsible for the information, services and goods offered in the Deal.

4. The Deal must comply with the legislation of the country in which it will be published, technical requirements, as well as the following design requirements

    4.1. Requirements to the terms of provision of services and purchase of goods under the deal:

         4.1.1. The terms of the deal should be reliable and understandable to the end clients.

         4.1.2. The creator of the deal is obliged to ensure acceptance of the client booked for the deal service in accordance with the specified conditions

         4.1.3. The Deal is a public offer of the creator and fulfillment of the terms of the Deal, including unconditional acceptance of clients for services at the prices indicated in the terms of the deal.

         4.1.4. It is forbidden to set additional terms not announced in the deal (e.g., prepayment, purchase of additional goods and services, etc.)

         4.1.5. It is forbidden to set conditions: Bring a friend, every 5 services with a discount/as a gift and similar conditions with the fulfillment of tasks.

         4.1.6. The minimum discount on services is 5%.

    4.2. Requirements for graphic materials of the deal

         4.2.1. Pictures of the deal should be of high quality and reflect the topics of services provided under the action.

         4.2.2. Graphic materials:

  • image size must be not less than 600*400 px
  • Images can be in any of the supported formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or GIF). Animated images are not supported
  • images of world-class celebrities are not allowed
  • must be of high quality
  • must not contain any text or numbers
  • must not consist of two or more images
  • should not contain frank, frightening or aesthetically unacceptable images (including naked or defiantly dressed people, diseases, injuries, disasters, etc.), as well as images of alcohol (including beer) or tobacco products or the process of using such products.
  • must not contain logos or other attributes of competitor companies

         4.2.3. It is forbidden to simulate interface elements that mislead users regarding the possibility of carrying out certain actions (for example: pressing a button, check the box, etc.)

         4.2.4. The use of images of individuals in the deal is allowed only if there are documents confirming the consent of this person. Documents and a link to an ad can be sent to Support.

         4.2.5. DIKIDI Service Administration reserves the right to remove text and numbers from download images.


4.3. Requirements for text information in the deal.

          4.3.1. Ad text must match

  • The language in which the deal is published.
  • Standards for punctuation and the use of special signs. Spaces should be placed between words and punctuation marks.
  • rules for writing words with a capital letter. Capital letters are used at the beginning of each new sentence, when writing proper names. Words written in full capital letters are allowed for commonly known abbreviations or registered trademarks.
  • The text of the deal must comply with its terms. The use of offensive and profanity is prohibited.

        4.3.2. Incorrect comparisons with goods and services provided by other companies are not allowed.

4.3.3. For deals, certain types of goods (services, works), among other requirements of the applicable law, are subject to restrictions:

  • For advertising of medicines, medical products and medical services, including methods of treatment, the mark of 18 years (18 +) is mandatory.
  • The action on medicines, medical equipment, medical products, medical services, including methods of treatment requires a mandatory line in the text of the description of the action "There are contraindications. Expert advice is required. "

5. Deal Publication

5.1. The Deal is published after the moderation by the DIKIDI service administration.

5.2. Deal is published on website dikidi.net and in mobile application DIKIDI Online on iOS and Android platform in special section Deals on project page.

5.3. After publication the terms of Deal cannot be changed.

5.4. Deals with a discount of less than 5% are not published.

5.5. A Deal may be refused if it does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

5.6. The Deal may be suspended in the event of a breach of these Terms or at the request of the Project Creators and Administrators.

5.7. Money for the published Deal is not returned.

6. The DIKIDI Administration has the right to amend and/or supplement these Terms unilaterally without any special notice. These Terms and Conditions are an open and public document.

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