Requirements for the placement of information in the DIKIDI service

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All information (information) about the Company, a private specialist posted on the DIKIDI service must be reliable, fully describe the activities of the company, a private specialist and comply with the Partnership Agreement.

Requirements for filling in text information

  1. The text must be written in compliance with the rules of punctuation and spelling, without misprints.
  2. It is allowed to use different languages, subject to their own rules for writing text.
  3. Spaces must be placed between words, as well as after punctuation marks (Example: “Scissors, mirror, comb.”).
  4. The text must start with a capital letter. Writing words in all capital letters is allowed for well-known abbreviations or registered trademarks.
  5. It is unacceptable to use detente in the text (example: i n f o r m a t i o n).

Image Requirements

  1. Photos and other images should be uploaded in good quality in JPG format no larger than 15 MB.
  2. Images should not contain contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, instant messaging service numbers, and more).
  3. Images should not contain promotional information.
  4. Images should not contain inscriptions, effects, overlays, stamps, pictures, drawings, geometric shapes, lines and other image decor tools
  5. Images should display only relevant and reliable information.

Requirements for filling out the profile of the Company / private specialist.

1. Logo requirements:

  • the image must contain the company's trademark or correspond to the direction of work;
  • in case of registration as a private specialist, it is necessary to upload a personal (personal) photo with an image of a face without a headdress and the corresponding subject (photos from the beach, for example, are not suitable). The number of people shown in the photograph should not exceed one. The photo should not contain other services or objects that do not correspond to the subject.

2. The name of the Company or the name of the specialist must correspond to the actual name of the company (name of the specialist).

3. Phones are indicated only available for calls.
4. The address is indicated without specifying the words "street", "city" in special lines.
5. The description of the company ("A few words about the company") should not contain advertising, the purpose of which is the distribution of goods and services, any false information.
6. Photos with examples of work and photos with the presence of people should not be placed in the interior gallery of the company.

Requirements for completing the Company's employee profile and service catalog.

The name, surname, position, category of the employee must be indicated in full with a capital letter.

  1. Services performed by employees are indicated in full.
  2. Information about the duration of the procedure and its cost is mandatory.

Requirements for filling out and maintaining a work schedule for employees.

  1. The schedule of employees should be updated in a timely manner (at least one week before the expiration of the current schedule, in case of adjustment of the existing schedule, all changes must be made immediately, on the same day).
  2. Appointments should be reflected in a timely manner (immediately) and in full, regardless of the method of their receipt (online, phone call, etc.).

The DIKIDI Administration has the right to change and / or supplement these Requirements unilaterally without any special notice. These Requirements are an open and public document.

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